Welcome to Willow Creek Ranch!

We are a specialized farm located in Fairfield, California.
  • High quality genetics
  • Registered White Dorpers
  • Fed on naturally irrigated pastures

Thank you to all our buyers and bidders for purchasing our sheep and supporting our White Dorper program.

Look for our sheep at the Mid America Dorper sale in Duncan, Oklahoma in April, the Western States Dorper sale in Modesto, California in May and the On-Line Premier West Coast sale. Private treaty available too.

I was born into a sheep ranch in Suisun Valley, California. My older brother raised sheep for 4-H and FFA. My younger brother and I began raising registered Southdowns and project lambs for 4-H and it’s been a desire of mine to get involved with sheep again. My wife, Diane, is from the city and has always wanted to be involved in raising animals. Now with our ranch we’re both able to fulfill our dreams.

Willow Creek Ranch raises White Dorper Sheep. We decided to breed Dorper sheep because they do not need to be sheared and are easy to take care of. They shed their hair/wool naturally and they breed throughout the year. They are very adaptable and thrive eating grass and many varieties of vegetation. They are hardy, muscular in size and very attuned to people.

We started our flock by purchasing our ewes from Glenn Land Farm in Orland, California and a ram from Broadmead Farms in Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Our sheep are registered in the American Dorper Sheep Breed Society.

We are located in northern California in Fairfield along interstate 80, 60 miles east of San Francisco and 60 miles west of Sacramento. Our ranch consists of cross fenced lush irrigated pastures. We attend to our animals on a daily basis and with a focus on quality animals and special care. We strive to keep the quality of our breed at the highest level to maintain customer confidence and demand.

Our flock is marketed for meat, breeding stock and show stock. We raise our sheep based on the Standard of Excellence for Dorpers. The meat is excellent, tender and has a milder flavor than the typical lamb. Due to their fast growth rate, usually reaching the weaning weight of 80 lbs in 12-14 weeks, they can be marketed at smaller wieghts as well as heavier weights to the traditional market up to 120-130 lbs.

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About Dorper Sheep

Dorpers were bred out of necessity in South Africa during the 1930's. They needed a sheep that would yield a good carcass and thrive in the harsh African conditions. They are a cross between a Black Headed Persian sheep which is a hardy, fat tailed breed from Arabia and brings to the Dorper its hardiness, thriftiness and adaptability, pigmentation and hair covering. It also brings remarkable fertility, with the ability to breed every eight months and produce a high number to twins. The Dorset Horn ram crossed with the Blackhead Persian ewes produce fast growing and heavily muscled lambs yielding very satisfactory economic returns under a variety of environmental conditions. The Dorper ewes from this cross are excellent mothers that can be bred in any season. Dorpers are not seasonable breeders which means they will breed any month of the year. Dorpers are nonselective grazers. They are not particular about what they eat and this helps them stay in good body condition throughout the seasons. Dorpers have an even subcutaneous layer of fat that keeps them warm in the winter and able to withstand drought conditions. Their coat sheds spontaneously depending on the weather conditions.